Welcome to Whittlesey and District Business Forum



What We Do…

Our vision is to care for the commercial wellbeing of the Town surrounding villages.We aim to do this by looking after the interests of our members and by seeking inward investment into our area.The Forum will also provide a platform for the discussion of issues which affects the Business community.


What the forum is about…

The Forum will strive to support the business interests in within Whittlesey and the surrounding villages. We propose to do this by networking and encouraging trade between members and having a shop locally campaign.Our monthly meetings will enable members to air any concerns they have.


A Bit of History…

The present business forum is a reformed group. In the past there was a chamber of trade and an earlier forum. The present group has been started to support the town’s business activity.


What’s in it for me..

By having formal representation for the Traders the Powers that Be are more likely to listen ,to your concerns made through the Forum and to take action to resolve them.